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Para recibir asistencia en español durante el horario comercial, llame al 817.884.1470

TCCU will be closed on Monday, May 27, 2024, in observance of Memorial Day
TCCU estará cerrado el lunes 27 de mayo de 2024, en conmemoración del Día de los Caídos.

Where fast meets affordable.

Apply online, and drive away with a payment you love.

Start Living the Single Life!

With our Debt Consolidation special, combine multiple bills into ONE SINGLE payment.

Rapid Loan to the Rescue

Cash deposited into your TCCU checking in less than 6 clicks

Zero Dollar CoPays

Another benefit of Standard PLUS checking is access to 24/7 Telehealth with board-certified U.S.-based doctors 


Auto Loans



*Annual Percentage Rate

Home Equity


5.875% | 6.582%*

*Annual Percentage Rate

Rapid Loan

Maximum $1500/$20 Application Fee
No Credit Check


*Annual Percentage Rate


Credit Cards



*Annual Percentage Rate



Lower, more affordable payments
with Payment Saver!

You’re already paying enough for the vehicle.
Don’t pay more than you should to finance it.
Check out this new way to finance. 

Our Community

Saving Money Doesn’t Have to be Challenging

Saving Money Doesn’t Have to be Challenging

For so many people, money = stress. The thought of saving more each month can be intimidating, especially when we’re living in an environment where the cost of everything is higher than it was a few years ago, and our paychecks may not be covering the difference....

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Teach Your Kids About Money Consistently

Teach Your Kids About Money Consistently

One of the best gifts you can give your children is teaching them money skills.  It's a skill most kids don't learn in school.  If they do, it's usually not until high school.  By then, their attitudes and emotions about money are already formed and difficult to...

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Don’t Leave Cash in Payment Apps

Don’t Leave Cash in Payment Apps

If you keep money in payment apps like CashApp or Venmo, this is your alert to stop. Why?  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a warning in June because users are leaving balances totaling billions of dollars in the apps themselves rather than...

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What Our Members Say

“Excellent customer service that is easy to reach by app or phone!  (I’ve) been here 20+ years and they keep improving.  Auto loans are so easy to do, we have stopped shopping anywhere else!” 

– Jesse S.  (Member since 2000)

“I appreciate your help with refinancing my 2 auto loans. You saved me over $3,000 in interest. TCCU rocks!”

– Tim C.  (member since 2004)

“TCCU always works  passionately to make sure we always get the best banking experience.”

– Nancy P. 

“Excellent service! TCCU is always looking out for me – member for life!”

– Barry, Haltom City

young girl on her phone

“As a first time buyer with a lot of questions, Maria was amazing!  She always answered my questions with a smile.  The process was seamless at the dealership… all I had to do was sign and drive off in my new car!” 

– Amber P. 

“Applying for a loan could not have been any easier or quicker! A+”

– David R. 

As a 30+ year member, I can say that I love my Credit Union and several staff members that I’ve interacted with over time.  Their lending, investment counseling and financial services are easy.  I wouldn’t bank anywhere else, and will continue to refer friends and family members to TCCU.   

– Loretta H.