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Para recibir asistencia en español durante el horario comercial, llame al 817.884.1470
Para recibir asistencia en español durante el horario comercial, llame al 817.884.1470

Advocacy for Credit Unions

What is a Credit Union?

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Make Your Voice Heard to Support Credit Unions Advocacy for Credit Unions

Common Sense Regulation

Credit Unions were built on the philosophy of people helping people. But Washington’s excessive regulation on credit unions makes that philosophy more challenging to uphold each day. Regulations geared to favor the Wall Street banks are hurting millions of middle-class credit union members.

As a member of Tarrant County’s Credit Union, you are part owner, and you have power. Together we can use our power to help curtail excessive regulations from hurting members like you.

Excessive regulations on credit unions impact members by:

  • Consuming credit union resources that end up costing members an average of $71 per year
  • Leading to higher costs and longer wait times for mortgages and loans
  • Making it harder for credit unions to provide the services and products members need

If you agree that it’s time for Congress to overhaul Washington’s excessive regulation on credit unions, please make your voice heard. Tell Congress we need common sense regulations that allow credit unions like ours, to decide what’s best for our members and community, as we always have.

Let your U.S. Senators and representatives know today that you want them to make fixing costly regulations on credit unions a top priority.

Click here for more information and to take action.


The National Credit Union Foundation offers the only national online disaster relief fundraising center for credit unions. Through cuaid.coop, credit union organizations are encouraged to offer our online giving option to support the Foundation’s Disaster Relief Fund, the only disaster relief fund dedicated to helping credit unions, their employees and volunteers recover from major disasters.

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