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Payment Saver

Payment Saver Auto Loans

The Payment Saver auto loan is an alternative way to finance your vehicle, allowing you to save money by having lower monthly payments.  This low-payment alternative to leasing has no heavy restrictions or hidden costs, and allows you to own the vehicle and maintain the flexibility and benefits of vehicle ownership.

At any time during your loan-term, you can:

  • Sell the vehicle, pay off the balance and keep the difference
  • Trade in the vehicle, and the loan balance will be paid as part of the new transaction
  • Keep the vehicle at the end of the term, and refinance the residual value
  • Turn the car in and walk away

How You Save Money

  • No down payment required
  • Monthly payments about 30% to 45% lower than conventional loans
  • Loan terms from 24 to 72 months
  • No penalty for early pay-off
  • No early termination fee
    Option to sell, trade, payoff, or refinance at any time
    Guaranteed Future Value (guarantees vehicle value at end loan term)
  • Eligible for GAP and Warranty products
  • Excess Wear and Tear add-on available

Vehicle Eligibility

  • Future year
  • Current year
  • Used vehicles up to 5 years old

Annual Mileage Allowances

  • 7,500 miles
  • 10,000 miles
  • 12,000 miles
  • 15,000 miles
  • 18,000 miles


Questions about our products and services? Give us a call at 817-884-1470.

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