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Para recibir asistencia en español durante el horario comercial, llame al 817.884.1470
Para recibir asistencia en español durante el horario comercial, llame al 817.884.1470

Money Transfers

We offer a variety of convenient ways to transfer money to and from your TCCU accounts:

Electronic Transfers

With an electronic, or Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer, you can make one-time or recurring transfers into your TCCU accounts or loans, as well as making transfers from your TCCU accounts to another financial institution.

  • No fees to set-up ACH debits or credits
  • Daily cut-off time for next-day posting is 5:00 p.m.
  • Cancellation of recurring transfers requires a 2-business-day notice

ACH transfers can be accessed through eBanking.


Zelle is an easy, fast, and secure online personal payment service that lets you send, request, and receive money directly from your account using your smartphone or PC.

  • Email or text your payment/request
  • Pay people or request money

 Zelle is accessible through eBanking, in the Bill Pay section.


Western Union Wires (Outgoing Only)

Wire money to anyone, anywhere in the world using Western Union. The fee for this service is $14.00 per transfer. Western Union payments are not available

Wire Transfers (Domestic and International)


Transfer money to anyone in the U.S. and surrounding territories. To do so, you’ll need the recipient’s account number and the routing number of their financial institution. The fee for domestic wire transfers is $15.00 per transfer.

Domestic Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions

Please use the following instruction for wire transfers:

Wire to:
Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
Dallas, Texas
ABA#: 311990511

For Further Credit:
Tarrant County’s Credit Union
Fort Worth, TX
ABA #: 311981960

For Final Credit to:
TCCU 10-digit account number


Transfer money to anyone in the world. The fee for international wire transfers is $30.00 per transfer.

For information on sending or receiving International Wire Transfers, please contact us during normal business hours.

Questions about our products and services? Give us a call at 817-884-1470.

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