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Education Loans

Many people dream of going to college or trade school but don’t think they can afford it.

TCCU offers two different types of education loans for both students and parents.

Before you consider applying for these loans, you should complete a Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) to see if you qualify for federal student loans and grants.

Texas Extra Credit Education Loan
A Texas Extra Credit Education Loan is an alternative to federal funding. The loan is funded by a non-profit with the mission of providing educations loans with low interest rates to Texas residents. Loans are available for both students and parents.

  • Borrow up to $65,000
  • Initial credit decision in minutes
  • No application, disbursement or origination fees
  • 5, 10 and 15-year repayment terms
  • Funds disbursed to the school
  • Loan can cover past-due balances
  • Start repaying the loan immediately or after graduation

TCCU Education Loan

Need additional funds? We’ve got you covered.

  • Borrow up to $4,000 per semester or term, maximum $30,000
  • Pay for college or other specialized training
  • Defer your first monthly payment up to 45 days

Questions about our products and services? Give us a call at 817-884-1470.

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