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As you navigate Tarrant County’s Credit Union’s new website, we thought it pertinent to bring you along for the ride in a way that helps provide a better understanding of the direction of our new site. A new website was essential to accommodate the credit union’s growth and expansion. Learn about our mission and the decisions that drive it.

You’ve undoubtedly seen TCCU’s new logo showcased on our website and social media channels. We’re excited to put forth a new, fresh logo that encapsulates our brand and the many folks and families to whom we are devoted.

Going forward, all products, services and other branding materials will be outfitted with the new TCCU logo. During the transition, you may continue to see the previous logo on things like:

  • eBanking, including ePay
  • Mobile app
  • Some co-branded links off our website

As these products and services undergo visual changes, their functionality will remain unchanged. You can continue to rely on them for all your financial needs.

Our new website takes on a different look and feel. It reflects the credit union’s updated color scheme and logo. Webpages are fluid and transition from one to the next in a more orderly fashion.

As we’ve expanded to serve families across North Texas and beyond, we designed a website centered around ease of navigation. A user friendly website is essential to adequately serve a diverse, growing membership.

Services on the new website are easier to locate and require less clicks to find. Menu options have been consolidated and centered around essential products and services, like savings and checking accounts and loans.

The credit union also recognizes the need for better financial education. Products and services featured on the website are discussed in an educational manner, in an effort to better serve a younger, ever-changing demographic.

In order to fulfill its essential need, a financial services website must empower credit union members. Our website provides you with the tools and capabilities to have more control over your financial needs. You can make adjustments and changes as your financial circumstances change, without needing to visit a branch.

TCCU believes its website should be a one stop shop for members; a virtual branch that’s open 24/7, ready to serve credit union members. We’re excited to provide that as we move forward.

Questions about our products and services? Give us a call at 817-884-1470.

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